The Christopher Kennedy Compound
Palm Springs Modernism Week Show House


Thank You to the Sponsors of The Christopher Kennedy Compound: Modernism Week Show House

Soon, thousands of modernists will gather to celebrate the 10-Year Anniversary of Modernism Week. The debut of the 2015 Compound marks not only the second Modernism Week Show House in Palm Springs; it also hits really close to home, because it is my home. I have been granted the extraordinary opportunity to own, envision, and design my dream home in my dream city -- all while raising money for Modernism Week's education and preservation efforts. With that opportunity came the chance to work with industry-leading brands who weren't afraid to think outside the box. Albert Einstein said, "Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere." So, I want to thank my sponsors for their generosity and boundless imagination.  Their products will soon be on display, giving thousands of guests the chance to swoon, dream, and be inspired.