In the wake of Orlando tragedy; be kind

Suddenly, a project launch in Chicago seems very trivial.

Suddenly, a project launch in Chicago seems very trivial.

So many emotions today.

I am in Chicago to launch a product — and I ought to be excited — but suddenly that seems terribly trivial to talk about. How to process all the emotions of the last 24 hours? Sure, I will march. I will vote. I will donate (not blood, because I am not allowed). But all that does not make me feel better, right now.

I cannot change the gun laws or comfort the victims' families. And I will not simply pray (though I will do that, too.)

But I can be kind.

Today, as I head to the Neocon convention, I will leave my hotel with a smile, with love in my heart, and I will remember that we are all ONE. On this Earth, together. We are all made of the same divine God particles or cosmic dust — whichever you prefer; I think they are the same — and I will treat people with respect, especially those whom it is easy for me to see as “different.”

I will say “great dress” to the woman in the elevator. I will say please and thank you to the restaurant servers, and leave an extra tip. I will talk to the cab driver and ask about his day. I will hold the elevator. I will accept that last-minute invitation. I will set aside my shyness and sit at the communal table and talk to the young people next to me. I will endeavor to treat everyone I encounter with compassion and kindness, just as I would have them do unto me.

It is when we see ourselves as separate (from each other, from the Earth, from God) that we get into trouble.

I may not be able to change my country, but I can change myself. I cannot change the world, but I can try to make my corner of it a little better. I can do my best to spread a little bit of love. Today.

TCKC 2017 Raised $86,000

Beyond my wildest dreams.

Way beyond. My little "pipe dream" and "labor of love" has now been dubbed "one of the two most important show houses in the country" -- and on top of it all, we raised $86,000 for Modernism Week's 501(c)3 charity.

Modernism Week supports preservation of architecture in Palm Springs and rather quietly (until now) provides scholarships for local architecture and design students. Both causes are close to my heart.

It took a village. Talented designers. Generous sponsors. Dedicated craftsmen. Over 4000 people toured The Christopher Kennedy Compound: Modernism Week Show House in 10 days. Millions more will be inspired by it, thanks to our magazine media partners Traditional Home, California Homes, and Palm Springs Style. 

My heart overflows with gratitude. Thank you! I am especially grateful to our Presenting Sponsor, Ferguson Kitchen Bath & Lighting Showrooms, and our National Media Partner, Traditional Home magazine.

The mission of The Christopher Kennedy Compound is to re-establish Palm Springs as an incubator for world-class architecture and interior design by restoring a classic mid-century property, using the best of today's technology and bringing together the nation's top design talents. We inspire the thousands of attendees who tour the home and the millions more who learn about the project through print and social media. 

The mission of Modernism Week is to celebrate and foster appreciation of midcentury architecture and design, as well as contemporary thinking in these fields, by encouraging education, preservation and sustainable modern living as represented in Palm Springs.

Stay tuned for big news regarding The Christopher Kennedy Compound in 2017! 

Christopher Kennedy Compound Among Modernism Week Favorites!

Well, we took the first step and here we stand -- noted by Architectural Digest, Dwell Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter as a Must-See Event of Modernism Week. 

I feel incredibly blessed to be apart of this celebration and I am thrilled that modernists and tastemakers have enjoyed the sunshine, glamour, and mid-century architecture that is Palm Springs. My team and I are humbled and thankful for everyone who purchased tickets, attended CAMP, shopped like mad at the Palm Springs Convention Center or sent poolside selfies to frostbitten friends on the East Coast! We appreciate you and thanks to your support we have met our fundraising goals for continued mid-century preservation for Palm Springs communities. 

Images courtesy of : Eric Lynch Photography 

Los Angeles Times Home & Garden - " Kennedy Show House Shines at Palm Springs Modernism Week

At the second annual Christopher Kennedy Compound, a decorator show house on display ... takes center stage — with over a dozen designers transforming rooms in a classic 2,500-square-foot 1964 ranch house in the Indian Canyons neighborhood.

Dwell Magazine - " Desert Cool: 10 Must-See Events at Palm Springs Modernism Week"

The Christopher Kennedy Compound celebrates the Palm Springs legacy of midcentury modern architecture and jet set American style. This year's home was built in 1964. It is actually a little smaller. I asked the designers to take the design a little less seriously...I asked the designers to be playful and I set a color palette of blues and favorite hues in the desert. 

Architectural Digest - " Can't Miss Tours & Events During Modernism Week in Palm Springs" 

Check out the Modernism Week Show House, a 1964 property renovated for this year's festival by interior designer Christopher Kennedy.

The Hollywood Reporter - "7 Highlights from Modernism Week in Palm Springs

Think late Brady Bunch rock wall orange fun. Bold, saturated wallpaper was a prominent feature in several rooms at the Christopher Kennedy show house in Palm Springs. THR spoke with Mark Cutler, designer with NOUS décor at the red carpet opening night party. Cutler: “You see a lot of mid-century modern, but we wanted to go a little later than that...

Curbed - "Step Inside Modernism Week's Bubbly 2015 Show House"  

Kennedy, a resident of Palm Springs for 12 years, was inspired by the blues and greens of his desert city—the golf courses, the succulents, the turquoise pool water. Using those as a palette, he asked designers to "keep it relaxed, gorgeous, and inspiring—everything that Palm Springs should be," while conveying the "easy luxury" of the city's celebrity history...

Make a note: Sunday, February 22 is the last day of tours for The Christopher Kennedy Compound, so please, come, explore and enjoy! 

Photos: Curbed via Eric Lynch Photography 

Thumbnail Image : The Hollywood Reporter    Fashion Stylist Salvador Camarena , Christopher Kennedy Interior/Furniture Design, E! Personality Ross Matthews 

Behind the Scenes: A Look Inside The Christopher Kennedy Compound

Photos by: Terrell Sandefur and Christopher Kennedy 

We opened The Christopher Kennedy Compound on the eve of Valentine's Day, to hundreds of modernists and tastemakers ready to set their sights on the Show House for the very first time. We waited anxiously while the sun set and guests arrived looking oh, so chic on the welcoming red carpet. Everyone, especially those who viewed the Show House during construction were blown away -- and that's because this lovely mid-century gem needed a lot of work! The kitchen was really outdated, but we knew we had a beauty on our hands. We just needed to figure out how to create a living space conducive to the way we live, while still paying homage to the good ol' days of family dinners and handwritten notes.

Photos: Stylist SalvadorIrene Turner & Christopher Kennedy 

Photos: Desert Magazine & Bobby Berk             Design: Outdoor Lounge by Bobby Berk 

Turning this charming 2500 sq. feet mid-century gem into a modern masterpiece was a lot easier once we knocked down a few walls and moved the hot tub to the front yard, where the amoeba-shaped pool sits behind The Compound wall and newly-planted hedge, so we could maintain privacy and still have plenty of room to entertain outdoors. Since, The Compound rests on the golf course, we didn't want to take anything from the picturesque views of the green or San Jacinto Mountains in the backyard.

Photos: David Clark & Allan DallaTorre        Design by: Paletteur 

I must tell you, David fell in love with this home immediately! He always dreamt of a home on the fairway and Harley loves rabbits, so naturally, we bought it and it wasn't long before I started thinking about how I could make their vision my own. This is where the stunning work of my design friends came into play. 

Photos: Mark Cutler & CrestronPDC & Lori Gilder   Design: Master Bedroom-Mark Cutler Design Master Bedroom Terrace-Linda Allen Designs (Wireless Outdoor Lamps - by Linda Allen Designs) 

Photos: David Clark & Rob Trinh Photography.      Design: Master Bath by Marlaina Teich  

Photos: David Clark, Parker Kennedy Living  Design: Parker Kennedy Living 

Photos : Jeanne K Chung and Nancy Price Interiors    Design: Dining Room by Nancy Price of Nancy Price Interiors 

Photos: David Clark and Turquoise LA                      Design: Powder Room by Vanessa DeVargas 

Photos: (Before) David Clark, Curated LA, Love TessaDwell Magazine  Design: Kitchen by Christopher Kennedy 

Everyone is in love with our tile from the TileBar. Design:  Kelli Ellis 

Photos: Eric Lynch Photography & Modernism Week   Design: Tabitha Evans Design Guest Bath / Trip Haenisch Living Room 

As you can see, The Christopher Kennedy Compound is a culmination of my passion for Mid-Century architecture, vintage finds and effortless function that is just as modern as it is cozy. It warms my heart to know that all of the proceeds from Modernism Week funds the preservation of mid-century architecture within our communities, so we can continue to pay homage to our unique past and design for a bolder future.  Modernism Week, our official charity, also rather quietly gives scholarships to local design and architecture college students -- another cause that is close to my heart.

If you cannot make it to Palm Springs Modernism Week, please look for the upcoming editorial features in both Traditional Home & California Homes Magazine

Taking the First Step: The Creative Process Behind the Modernism Show House

CK Harley Hiking

People often ask how I stay calm under pressure. For example, pulling off The Christopher Kennedy Compound during a week that draws about 45,000 attendees to Palm Springs. Not to mention, 11 designers; 30 world-class corporate sponsors; with what feels like the world watching...I'm never quite sure of how to answer because I don't worry. 


 Worry only welcomes the opposite of what we desire. So, I choose to focus solely on the desired outcome and thankfully, I have a wonderful team of talented individuals who work diligently to help my dreams become reality. 


If you don’t know how you will achieve your goals, don’t worry, because the truth is, I don’t either! I just know I will. We don’t have to know HOW because we will be shown the way. “The Hows are the Domain of the Universe,” says one of my favorite books, The Secret. Stated another way, in the Gospel of Matthew 7:7-8:

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks the door will be opened ..." 

Or, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr said:

“Take the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase.  Just take the first step."


Whenever my thoughts drift and I begin to feel overwhelmed…I take a walk. I take the first step.  Harley and I embark on the Lykken Trail.  Within minutes, my worries fall away and the smile on Harley’s face (Oh yes, dogs smile) reminds me that joy and exuberance is our natural state of being -- everything else is artificial.  


My concerns get smaller as we make our way up the mountain and I think to myself, If God can do this with dirt and rocks, certainly miracles can be worked in my life.


I think of the millennia and the countless chemical reactions that occurred to create the beauty around me…this affirms that forces can be moved...calls can be had…introductions can be made…to bring whatever material things I desire.


I may not know HOW these things will come about, but I believe they WILL. After all, I don’t know how molecules transformed into the geological wonders around me, but here I stand.


I take the first step in faith, optimism and joy.

Sincerely yours, Christopher

P.S. - I hope to see you all during Modernism Week! 

Thank You to the Sponsors of The Christopher Kennedy Compound: Modernism Week Show House

Soon, thousands of modernists will gather to celebrate the 10-Year Anniversary of Modernism Week. The debut of the 2015 Compound marks not only the second Modernism Week Show House in Palm Springs; it also hits really close to home, because it is my home. I have been granted the extraordinary opportunity to own, envision, and design my dream home in my dream city -- all while raising money for Modernism Week's education and preservation efforts. With that opportunity came the chance to work with industry-leading brands who weren't afraid to think outside the box. Albert Einstein said, "Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere." So, I want to thank my sponsors for their generosity and boundless imagination.  Their products will soon be on display, giving thousands of guests the chance to swoon, dream, and be inspired.

How to Purchase Tickets for Palm Springs Modernism Week Events

Did you think I would let you miss the hottest events of Modernism Week? In the famous words of Sonny & Cher, "I've Got You Babe!" 

 Modernism Week guests know how to Boogie Down. 

 Modernism Week guests know how to Boogie Down. 

Yes, a number of Modernism Week events have sold out, but there is still time to "get in line". Believe it or not, there is a place for you at the 10th Anniversary Opening Night Party: Modernism Eclectic Dance Blast with KCRW's Music Director & Host Jason Bentley, (Feb.12). You may think you know what #TBT is -- but you've never seen it like this! Come celebrate with modernists from around the world dressed in the hottest fashions of the 50's & 60's. This "blast from the past" will feature a rousing night of music, signature cocktails and delectable hors d'oeuvres. Tickets are $125 and include a 5-day wristband for entry to Modernism Week CAMP. 

You haven't lived until you've tasted the signature cocktails of modernism Week. 

You haven't lived until you've tasted the signature cocktails of modernism Week. 

After you've soaked up the California sun. You are cordially invited to join me and the 2015 design team for a stunning Red Carpet Preview of The Christopher Kennedy Compound: Modernism Week Showhouse, (Feb.13). Come mingle with tastemakers and celebrities as the Showhouse is revealed for the very First Time! Tickets are $175; dress is Palm Springs chic. 

we're rolling out the red carpet for the Christopher Kennedy Compound debut - care to join us? 

we're rolling out the red carpet for the Christopher Kennedy Compound debut - care to join us? 

If you've never experienced Palm Springs at night, you must stay for the Starlight After Party at The Christopher Kennedy Compound, (Feb.13). After the last tour, the party moves under the starlit sky for dreamy cocktails, jazz, and conversations by the fire-pit with tastemakers and members of the International Design & Building Community. Tickets are $100. 


From that point on, you are welcome to tour The Christopher Kennedy Compound as many times as you like from, Feb. 14 (Valentine's Day) to Thursday, February 22 when Modernism Week comes to an end. Tickets are $34.99; the last tour is at 4pm daily. 

Don't wait, get tickets at to celebrate Mid-Century Modern style! * The proceeds will support the preservation of Mid-Century Modernism in Palm Springs. 

Images by: HamptonRoads , ModernismWeek , Imperial Luxury Group , DesignBoom

LaCantina Brings Innovation to The Christopher Kennedy Compound, 2015

I want to thank LaCantina Doors for bringing such quality and beauty to The Christopher Kennedy Compound for the second year in a row! 

The Christopher Kennedy Compound: Modernism Week Show House is about vibrant California glamour -- what better way to make an entrance than through LaCantina Doors! LaCantina's folding glass doors are a quintessential element to the Palm Springs indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Their seamless innovation turns dinner and dancing into an evening under the stars within seconds. 

Now you see them, now you don't! LaCantina Doors shown in last year's Compound.  

Last year, we featured LaCantina's Aluminum Thermally Controlled folding glass doors in the Show House dining room, master bedroom, den and guest bedroom; yes, we loved the value and function that much!  I am thrilled to once again join forces with LaCantina Doors to bring you more modern, yet functional living spaces! 

A new innovation that I am very excited about is LaCantina's pocketing doors (you can see them below in the installation photo).  SPOILER ALERT: Last year's kitchen used the fabulous folding door system; this year the brand-new pocketing window system will be on display in the kitchen!  The large kitchen window will completely pocket into the wall to reveal the view of....Well, you will just have to come to see the view for yourself!

See you in two weeks!


Come experience The Christopher Kennedy Compound during Modernism Week (Feb. 14-22).  Tickets are available online at

Images by: Christopher Kennedy DesignLuxe Interiors + Design 

Sub-Zero and Wolf to Sponsor The Modernism Show House Kitchen

Sub-Zero and Wolf has agreed to bring their high-performance appliances to The Christopher Kennedy Compound: Modernism Week Show House. Their superior product line is packed with everything from refrigeration and warming drawers to coffee systems and wine storage! I absolutely love the idea of designing a multi-functional kitchen that fits the Palm Springs indoor/outdoor lifestyle. This sponsorship and my design equals the masterful makings of a modern dream kitchen. If you loved last year's kitchen - I am certain this one will make you swoon. 

A section of my mood board for the Modernism Week Showhouse Kitchen

A section of my mood board for the Modernism Week Showhouse Kitchen

Aside from a divine mix of exuberant patterns and textures, we will show this classic Wolf range and amazing side-by-side refrigerator + wine unit. If you know me, you know I enjoy wine! This unit brings me that much closer to my favorite wines and cheeses. I'm no chef, but I'm learning from the best. Master Chef Julia Child always cooked with a glass of wine in her hand! 

Here is what the Show House kitchen looks like now -- these old appliances have to go! 

That is all I am going to share for now....okay, one more hint about the kitchen. We're going to have two! We will have a separate back/"catering" kitchen, because that is a reality of my modern Palm Springs life. So, stay tuned and join me for Modernism Week, Feb. 12- 22! 

Images by: Christopher Kennedy , Wine , HeyLoveDesigns and Sub-Zero and Wolf 

Thumbnail Photo: Eric Lynch Photography 

Introducing the Design Team of the Palm Springs Modernism Showhouse of 2015

I would like to thank every designer and sponsor that graciously gave of their time and resources to make The Christopher Kennedy Compound: Modernism Showhouse of 2014 such a success! I am forever grateful to all of the attendees and hope to see you again, because, drum roll please....We're back by popular demand!  I have selected some of the top designers of our time to bring the casual sophistication of Palm Springs to a lovely Mid-Century home (circa 1964) on the Indian Canyons Golf Resort.  So, without further ado allow me to introduce the Showhouse Design Team of 2015! 


-Linda Allen is a well-respected interior and lighting designer whose work has been featured in the LA Times, Better Homes and Gardens and the Robb Report. An innovator, Linda developed wireless lighting that turns indoor and outdoor living spaces into multi-functional rooms without bothersome cords. In fact, Linda's floor lamp from her Live. Anywhere. Collection was featured at the Compound last year. I can't wait to see how Linda brings light, texture & drama to the Master Bedroom Terrace. 

-Bobby Berk  brings a fresh, yet nostalgic vibe to home furnishings. Deeply inspired by the 50's, 60's, & 70's Bobby combines cool with classic in a fun and edgy way. Bobby has gained national attention and is looking to bring Bobby Berk Home to the West Coast -- luckily, The Christopher Kennedy Compound: Modernism Showhouse is first on his list! Bobby will bring urban luxury to the Outdoor Lounge. 


-Michael Berman is the mastermind behind a style he has named, "American Trans-Modern." This timeless style is an elegant variation of Michael's personal love of art, history and architecture. Somehow, Michael's vision sparks the inspiration leaving his clients in livable understated glamour. Stay tuned, because Michael will design the Pool Terrace. 


-Mark Cutler creates style for life. In his own words, Mark says his approach is like portraiture — every design reflects both the personal taste and style of each client. When you add Mark's passion for history and modern life to the mix the end product will always be personally timeless! Mark will design the Master Bedroom. 


-Vanessa DeVargas  of Turquoise is an LA-based designer who specializes in the restoration of Mid-Century and vintage pieces. Her style and execution has landed her work between the pages of some of the most-respected publications in the interior home industry. In the midst of projects and vintage finds, Vanessa lends her time and design power to community-based organizations to secure safe homes for youth & families. Vanessa will design the Powder Room. 

-Tabitha Evans  is a Phoenix based designer who sensibly pulls function, luxury and comfort together. The result is a living space  clients love to admire and enjoy. Tabitha is a veteran of the U.S. Army and brings a worldly feel to each of her designs. Tabitha will lend her time and talent to the Guest Bathroom. 


-Trip Haenisch is an award-winning interior designer whose work has been featured in 70+ publications around the world. You don't often hear luxury and craftsmanship in the same sentence, yet somehow Trip blends the two with easy elegance that is just as exquisite as it is livable. Trip will lend his expertise to the Living Room. 


-Grace Home is a collaborative team of all-stars! Their work has been featured in national publications and has adorned the homes of celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Madonna. Grace Home will dedicate their creative energy to the design of the Guest Bedroom. 


-Parker Kennedy  Since its launch in 2011 Lance Jackson and David Ecton have made Parker Kennedy Living a premier interior design group based out of Atlanta, GA. They have uniquely elevated southern charm with a luxurious feel that Lance likes to call, "Southern Regency." Parker Kennedy will lend their creative talents to the Den.


-Palleteur  is the brainchild of Gino Castino and David Lasker,  a dream team within their own right. Gino is known for an alluring mix of drama and luxury, while David seals every design with thoughtful touches of beauty and function. Palleteur will lend their creative talents to the Living and Dining Terrace.


-Nancy Price of Nancy Price Interiors draws inspiration from art and antiques. She specializes in creating something new from something beautifully old. Nancy will lend her creative talent to the Dining Room. 

-Marlaina Teich is the founder and head designer of Marlaina Teich Designs. An allied member of the ASID, her designs have been featured in national publications like House Beautiful and Better Homes and Gardens. Marlaina will lend her creative talent to the Master Bathroom. 

-Christopher Kennedy Since the launch of my firm in 2005, I have been featured in leading publications like The Los Angeles Times, Dwell Magazine and Elle Decor. In no time, my products and point of view were synonymous with modern luxury and vibrant California glamour. I will lead the design of the Kitchen and Master Closet. 

Would you like to be the first to see The Modernism Showhouse? Visit for tickets to the Red Carpet Preview on Feb. 13, 2015 from 6 to 8 pm. You can also purchase tickets to attend the exclusive cocktail soiree that will follow from 10 pm to midnight.